Final Exams at GOC


    Final exams are given at the end of summer school to all students at all grade levels at Gwinnett Online Campus. The final exams are cumulative assessments that help indicate the preparedness of students for the next course based on the knowledge gained in their current course. 

    All final exams listed below in BLUE will be administered in person at our GOC location: 713 Hi Hope Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

    All final exams listed below in GREEN will be administered in person at GIVE East location: 723 Hi Hope Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. Click HERE for a map of GIVE East.

    Failure to take a test will result in a grade of 68% or lower being issued until the test is taken.

Summer School Testing Calendar


    • Can I take the exam online? No, all exams must be completed in-person. Students may not take exams from home or remotely from another location.
    • What if I can’t make my testing session? If you cannot attend in-person on the scheduled day and time above, we have one make-up session towards the end of July. You must email Ms. Torrens with your full name, student ID, course, and teacher. If you can’t attend either option, then you need to drop the course.
    • If I must attend the make-up session, how do I study for my exam? Students will not have access to the course after July 1st. We recommend taking notes on any material you wish to use to study for the later testing date.
    • What if I show up on the wrong day, time, or location? You will not be able to take your final exam if you do not follow the schedule. The rooms and times are full.
    • What if I don’t have an ID? Then you need to arrive 10 minutes early to get an ID verification sheet to take with you to testing.
    • What if I am taking a credit recovery and regular summer school course? Then you will have to come to both scheduled testing sessions.
    • How long will the exams be? Each exam is scheduled for 75 minutes. Students must arrive on time but may leave when they have completed their final exams.
    • What if I am taking 3 or more courses this summer? You must come to your regularly scheduled time. Any exams that you don’t complete will require you to come to Gwinnett Online Campus on June 30, 2021 at 1 PM.
    • Where is Gwinnett Online Campus and GIVE East located? Gwinnett Online Campus is located at 713 Hi Hope Road Lawrenceville, GA and GIVE East is located at 723 Hi Hope Road Lawrenceville, GA.
    • What items should I bring with me? Pencil, photo ID, calculator for math and science classes, and masks are optional. Cell phones will be collected before testing begins.
    • Can I pass the class without taking the final exam? Students will not earn credit for the course without completing the final exam. We adjust student overall grades to a 68% for students who do not participate in the final exam.

Summer Final Exam Flow Chart

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