The Power of One

  • The Gwinnett County Public Schools Community-Based Mentoring Program strives to be a true reflection of the “ Power of One”. This means that we believe in the impact one caring adult mentor can have on a child's life. As a collective team with our school counselors, teachers, family members, and the community, together, we all play a role in motivating and engaging students in and out of school. The involvement of a community mentor can make a meaningful, lasting connection.

    The Community-Based Mentoring program pairs caring adults with male and female students in grades 4 through 12 to provide guidance, encouragement, and support to help them become successful young adults, both in and out of school.

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  • What is a mentor?

    A mentor is someone who makes a commitment to providing guidance and caring support to the mentee through regular contact and shared activities. A mentor is a role model, listens, offers advice, and reinforces positive behavior and actions, to help mentees to identify and build on his or her strengths. Typically, a mentor-mentee match lasts at least one year, but can last longer, as needed. We also provide small group mentoring for those mentors who want to affect more than one mentee. Small group mentoring takes place during the school day, so the mentor must have a flexible schedule.

  • What do mentors do?

    Mentors spend a minimum of one hour per week, during or outside the regular school day, involved in some activity with the student or in contact (by phone or email). Activities might include attending a sporting event or fine arts performance, meeting the student and his or her family for lunch, or going to a museum.

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