MY eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Tool

  • The classroom of tomorrow is your classroom today. 

    New digital resources that will expand the walls of the classroom are now available to our teachers and students. These resources, which foster collaboration and nurture creativity and innovation, are a part of the eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Tool. 

    So what does that mean for students? Easy access-- anytime, from anywhere -- to a rich collection of digital resources and an extension to the virtual classroom. With this new online tool, teachers can provide digital content, for enrichment or for extra practice, to meet each student's learning needs. Teachers can set up course pages that link a library of online materials tied to classroom lessons, giving students additional opportunities to learn the material covered in class. Using the MY eCLASS Student Portal and an Internet-connected device, students will be able to check assignments, collaborate with classmates, submit assignments, and even take classroom assessments... 24/7.