• Crews Digital Learning Day Updates

County Resources

  • Adding additional staff members to your eCLASS page

    Sent 3/18/20:

    If you have an additional staff member you would like to have access to your page (case manager, teammate, etc), you can follow these directions:

  • Co-Teachers: Creating Groups in eCLASS

    Sent 3/25/20:

    Co-Taught special ed teachers can set up tools on their gen ed teachers’ course pages that only the co-taught students can see. Here’s how. Note that you complete all of the steps on the gen ed teacher’s page.   Directions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14YFcu_SZ6lLN3uImLPuM7Hl9UxRaD1wC5KT8S64nsu4/edit?usp=sharing

  • Creating Presentations

    Sent 3/25/20:

    If you are looking for another option for creating presentations, you can try Visme.  Here is what a teacher from another school says: 

     "It is super useful because it is really clean and easy to use, and I love how they look. Second is you can also add voice over right from the website, so it is really easy to just add voice over. Unlike other places, you have to do the whole slide show at once and one little mistake means you have to redo it, Visme does it by slide so it is like 20 second snippets which I like. So for economics in particular, I will send you guys my slideshows as I create them with voice over; may not be perfect and may not be exactly your style / position in the class, but it can at least help and feel free to post them in your Google Classrooms and eClass as well, so kids can hear them and use them if you want".
    Here is an example of one of his presentations:  https://my.visme.co/view/g7zpm4p6-debts-and-tax-types

  • Crews DLD Expectations

    Linked at top of training page or here: (requires you to be logged in to your GSuite account)


  • eCLASS Quick Guides

    Sent 3/15/20:
    Hello!  I wanted to remind you guys about the Quick Guides on the Self Directed Training Guide in eCLASS C&I. The Quick Guides feature step-by-step PDFs and videos for how to do pretty much everything on your course pages. They are located here:

  • eCLASS Quizzes

    Sent 3/23/20:

    eCLASS Quiz Road Map for Teachers

    Sent 3/17/20: 

     Q: What are you hearing about the best way to give tests to eliminate/decrease chance of cheating?

    A: eCLASS quizzes with randomized answer options, randomized questions, as well as clicking on restrictions at the bottom of the page.  You can disable right click and you turn it on where they cannot access the email to landscape message or alerts if they have a quiz attempt in progress. Also, do not have it set under submission views to show questions (just show questions answered incorrectly) for testing security! If you have a tech-savvy person 
    have them create a question pool, so it pulls a number of questions from a larger pool...less likely the students get the same questions.


    Additionally, pay attention to the Submission View tab when setting up your quiz - this will determine what your students see when they submit their quiz.

  • File Types

    Sent 3/16/20

    All documents for students need to be uploaded as pdfs or google docs so that kids can access them. Not all kids can open Microsoft products, but they will be fine with pdf or google. If you need help with this, please let me know!

  • Flipgrid & Nearpod

    Sent 3/17/20:

    Looking for some variety?  Flipgrid is in Nearpod! While creating a lesson, go to "Add Activity" and then "Flipgrid”.

    flipgrid nearpod

  • Gmail

    Sent 3/23/30:

    Any emails from you still need to come through Outlook, not gmail.  To create email groups for your students, do the following: 
    Run a report in Synergy to find the student emails:
    Then create groups:
    On the web
    1. On the People page, on the toolbar, select the arrow next to New contact, and then select New contact list.

    2. Enter a name for the list, and then add names or email addresses.

    3. Select Create.

    Sent 3/20/20:

    Teachers are now able to pull the student district email used in Google using a new report in TeacherVUE.  See the link below for specific information and screenshots.
    This will allow you to easily email individual students or groups of students through your Outlook.

    Posted to students 3/19/20:

    gmail for students

    Sent 3/17/20:

    Students have in-domain email, meaning they can email you and you can email them through the G Suite email.  You may want to set up your GSuite gmail to forward to your Outlook to make sure you see these emails.  Here are directions, if you are interested:

  • GOC Course Content

    Sent 3/16/20: 

    GOC Course Content for grades 4 -12 is available on the new DLD Sample Course pages.  Additionally, we just want to make you aware of the following:

    • GOC is filming a library of 1 – 2 minute videos with tips for online learning to share with teachers. We will send an email to LSTC’s with a link to these videos.  

    Here is the introduction video for the series - GOC Video Series Welcome

    • GOC is creating a page on our website to house the videos along with Best Practices and Resources for teachers.  

    Beginning Wednesday, March 18 at 1:30 pm, teachers can join GOC live sessions to ask GOC teachers questions about online practices.  Here are the Adobe links for these sessions:

    GOC Live Q & A sessions – Wednesdays at 1:30

    Middle School link – http://gwinnettonlinecampus.adobeconnect.com/mslive/

  • Google Classroom

    Sent 3/18/20: 

    Several people have been asking about Google Classroom.  Here is an overview tutorial with videos: https://teachercenter.withgoogle.com/first-day-trainings/welcome-to-classroom
    You do not need to add your students manually - you can post the code for your class on your eCLASS page and have them do the following:
    2) Click the plus at the top right and choose Join:
    3) Enter the code you gave them:

  • Google Voice

    Sent 3/20/20:

    Clarification - Google voice – Approved for Limited Use

    To further clarify yesterday’s information regarding Google Voice access,  Google Voice is NOT available within the GCPS Google Domain due to limitations that the service imposes. Therefore it cannot be set up using a GCPS Google account.  It is approved as a “3rd Party Vendor” for teachers and other staff who choose to use their personal Google accounts to set up Google Voice and make individual calls to parents/guardians.  The app should not be used for any group calls, texts or notifications.  Please contact the Data Governance and Privacy mailbox with any questions.

    Sent 3/19/20: 

    Google Voice has been approved for limited use during this time, provided you are using it with individual students only, not groups. If you need to contact students, this is an option to protect your personal phone number. 

  • McGraw Hill 6-8 MA and 6-8 LA pilot

    We are hearing some concerns about students’ ability to log-in to some resources, and specifically some of the McGraw Hill online content.

    This may be due to incompatibility of their device with the platform.

    Minimum requirements for devices using these resources:

    • 1024x768 resolution
    • 9.5” display screen

    If students report an issue with one of these resources, teachers should test log-in on a GCPS laptop to determine if the student device may be the issue.

    If you have additional questions or issues with connectivity of a digital resource, please submit a Tech Ticket on your portal.

  • Media Center Updates from Karen, March 16-20

    Sent 3/19/20:

    Wow! Another company is offering FREE ebooks and audio books for students to read. There are no limits on how many students can click on a title. And you can download them! I just downloaded the app to try and looked at the website to read - 🙂