Infrastructure & Operations

  • The Office of Infrastructure & Operations delivers direct service and support to our schools, support offices and other locations. Services include providing continuous operation of the network infrastructure for Gwinnett County Public Schools, designing, building, and implementing IT architectural solutions, and providing support services to students, teachers, and support staff.

    • The Office of Enterprise Hosting & Storage Services is responsible for the selection, procurement, implementation, and management of enterprise servers, operating systems, directory services, storage and backup. Solutions incorporate hardware stand-ards and architecture as well as virtualization services for servers and storage.
    • The Office of Enterprise Infrastructure & Network Services designs and maintains the complex GCPS network which constitutes the foundational highway for IP-based data, voice and video to traverse thousands of miles of copper and fiber optic cabling. Instructional content, business services, and information storage are delivered to more than 200,000 students and teachers from multiple data centers and highly available Internet infrastructure.
  • Tim England, Executive Director

Directors - Infrastructure & Operations

  • Director of Enterprise Infrastructure & Network Services - Shaun Miles
  • Director of Enterprise Hosting & Storage Services
    Brad LaJeunesse