Instructional Resources and Support

  • Bob Chase Director

    The Office of Instructional Resources and Support provides schools with core, Board-adopted instructional resources that meet the needs of all learners. 

    The Instructional Resources and Support Office, in conjunction with each curriculum area office, facilitates the review, pilot, and Board-adoption processes for new core instructional materials, including print and/or digital formats. Each curriculum area’s core resources are reviewed and adopted as a whole following a staggered cycle. A resource review may also be necessary in the event of standards revisions or for the development of new courses. Part of the review process includes an annual public review where educators, parents, and community members are invited to peruse and comment on resources being considered for adoption. If you are interested in learning more about the review process, please email or call 678-301-6828. 


    The Office of Instructional Resources and Support also facilitates the process of the annual review of curriculum through the Gwinnett Educational Management System (GEMS).  The GEMS Oversight Committee includes community and school system representatives charged with the review of the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum.  After the review, the committee recommends revisions and additions to the Superintendent for adoption by the Gwinnett County Board of Education. The annual review meeting is typically held in October or November.  Several months before the meeting, GCPS will invite parents, community members, and school district employees to apply for the GEMS Oversight Committee.  This office also assists in updating databases that list the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for all subject areas. Documents listing the AKS by subject, level, and grade are available as downloadable documents from the GCPS website.

  • Bob Chase, Director
    Bob Chase, Director