Parent Mentors

  • Serving Families of Students Who Receive Special Education Services

    Gwinnett County Public School System’s (GCPS) Parent Mentors help provide parents of students with disabilities information, guidance, and resources to support students at home, school and in their communities.

    Each school year, we offer monthly parent trainings and other informational sessions about topics important to students with disabilities and their families. We collaborate with school administrators and teachers, supporting educators in their efforts to help families and students plan for and achieve their educational and post-secondary goals.

    Parent Mentors provide information about transition planning, agencies that support individuals with disabilities, Medicaid waivers, special education issues, support groups, disability funding resources, community resources, and other information related to disabilities and special education.

    If you have questions or concerns or need our support, we welcome you to email or call us, Also, please help us to improve by taking our Parent Satisfaction Survey, located at Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership.





    Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership