• Gateway 

    Gateway Writing Assessment in Science and U.S. History

    Gateway is a writing assessment that measures a student's knowledge and skills related to the Areas of Focus within U.S. History, Biology, Chemistry, and Language Arts. The assessment is given in March. Students typically take Science in their 10th grade year. The U.S. History assessment is typically taken in 11th grade. Students receive scores for each subject area. The score will indicate whether or not they have passed. Score(s) of "Meets" (Level 2) and " Exceeds" (Level 3) are considered passing. The Gateway is required for graduation. Waivers are NOT AVAILABLE for this assessment. A passing score is required for graduation in Gwinnett. Retests are offered in Fall and Winter. You can find these dates on the Assessment Calendar.


    The Gateway Alternate Writing Assessment is offered to students who received a certificate of attendance and still need to pass the Gateway in order to obtain their diploma.