PDS HS AP Capstone Pathway

  • The Advanced Research Pathway (AP Capstone) at Paul Duke STEM High School is a unique opportunity that provides students a very rigorous high school experience. It is intended for students that are interested in careers in medicine, engineering and/or science research. The pathway consists of numerous AP courses and culminates in the AP Capstone Experience, which makes it comparable to other high-level programs. Students in this program will be eligible to earn the AP Capstone Diploma™, which is only granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing.

    This program is limited to approximately 50 rising 9th and 50 rising 10th graders currently at Paul Duke STEM or interested in attending Paul Duke STEM that meet the following two pre-requisites:

    1. Students must be able to successfully follow (or continue to follow) the advanced math sequence listed on the curriculum.
    2. Students must have teacher recommendation for the Bio/Chem Block as a rising 9th grader, or have successfully taken the Bio/Chem Block as a 9th grade student. 

    9th and 10th Grade students can find out more information by clicking here

    For questions, please contact Mr. Bob Chase, Curriculum Assistant Principal, at Bob.Chase@gcpsk12.org. Also, consult the AP Capstone Course Sequence below.