• Withdrawal Information:

    If your current Baggett 5th Grader is planning to attend Richards Middle School, you do not need to register that student. Those records are moved digitally and physically by GCPS staff.

    If your student currently attends Baggett and plans to continue next year, you do not need to register the student for the next year.

    If you plan to move to another GCPS location over the Summer Break, please contact both schools to make arrangements. 

    If your student withdrew from GCPS and is returning, there is no need to complete Online Registration again. Please contact the school you plan to attend for more information on reactivating your student. 

    Use this link to confirm the school your student will be attending:

    School Locator for Your Home Address

    If you are able to access your GCPS Parent Portal account, you can save time by updating some of the information from your previous registration in the Update Student Information tab.