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    Program Requirements

  • Program Requirements

    Please be sure to carefully review the REQUIREMENTS for each facility. These are not optional, nor can exclusions be made for ANY reason. If the student cannot meet the requirements, they will be offered Simulation Lab Clinical Days to replace formal clinical experiences. These Lab days will be held after school on the dates specified on the Health Science calendar. Parent and student commitments are important to ensuring the success of our program. Before students can participate in clinical rotations, parents must either attend an informative meeting at the beginning of the school year OR have scheduled phone or in-person sessions with Mrs. Watts by the designated deadline. Dates can again be found on the Health Science calendar. Permission slips, needs forms, and other necessary clinical documents are available to download and print for completion and submission to Mrs. Watts.  

    Additional requirements for participation in the clinical program are as follows: 

    • Must have completed Introduction to Healthcare Science and Essentials of Healthcare 
    • Participation in clinical shadowing requires the student to maintain a grade of 80 or above in ALL classes for the duration of the program 
    • Attendance and behavior requirements as described in the Clinical Handbook**
    • Students must wear designated uniforms for ALL clinical rotations. Purchase of Health Science Package is required to fulfill many of the necessary requirements for participation.  
    • Students MUST be up to date with ALL immunizations to be allowed into medical facilities for clinical shadowing 

    PCT Clinical Checklist 

    Parent Notification for Curriculum Night 

    Health Science Package information (Not available school year 2020-21 due to COVID-19)

    Clinical Handbook (Coming Soon) 

  • Clinical Information and Forms

    Students enrolled in the Patient Care Technician program are provided valuable industry experience and networking opportunities through McClure Health Science High School’s community partners. There are several clinical areas that students will have the potential to experience depending on class schedules, student’s extracurricular activities, and other factors. The program is competitive and aims to ensure students with invaluable hands-on experience. Students will be held to a higher standard and expected to complete assignments and have exemplary behavior.  

    Students involved in the Patient Care Technician course and assigned to the hospital setting will be transported to and from the clinical site through school transportation and will NOT be allowed to drive on their own or be picked up from the clinical site unless an emergency arises. Students who miss the departure time for transportation TO the clinical site will be marked absent for program participation and will be expected to be present and participate in all regular classes for that day.  

    Students will be missing two or more class periods with each clinical rotation this year. Program participation is a privilege and a voluntary experience. Students are not required to participate and should understand if they choose to do so, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are not falling behind in the classes they miss. To promote enhanced exposure and experience, we have arranged for students to receive 3 hours per clinical rotation at the assigned hospital. Mrs. Watts will accompany students during clinical rotations to supervise and provide guidance as needed.