The Aspiring Leader Program

  • Staff working together at a table

    The purpose of the Aspiring Leader Program (ALP) is to recruit, develop, and retain assistant principals who will achieve the mission and goals of Gwinnett County Public Schools. To be effective, an assistant principal must have the knowledge, skills, and talent that cannot be acquired in college courses alone. The program helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice for teachers aspiring to be assistant principals. Every attempt is made to tailor the curriculum and experiences to meet the specific needs of those accepted into the program and to align with the Gwinnett Leader Effectiveness Standards.

    Teaching methods include case studies, role-playing activities, panel discussions, and collaborative adult learning. During the program, potential assistant principals participate in a residency program which includes clinical leadership experiences, and a school improvement Capstone Project.

    The curriculum focuses on:

    • Foundations of Leadership

    • School Improvement and Operations

    • School Climate

    • Performance Climate

    • Operational  Management

    • Human Resources Management

    • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    • Teacher/Staff Evaluation

    • School Improvement Project Presentation