The Aspiring Principal Program

  • Associate Superintendent Steve Flynt speaking at an event

    The Aspiring Principal Program (APP) was established in 2007 to develop leaders, readying them to lead 21st century schools focused on pursuing improvement and raising student achievement.

    Through the program, aspiring principals become students again in a customized leadership development program designed to ensure the district has the caliber of principals needed in the future. Gwinnett County Public Schools seeks "quality-plus" leaders who have certain characteristics. They are energetic in pursuing the organization's mission and goals, and they can energize others to do the same. They are results-oriented, and view accountability as a value. In other words, they focus on results, not activity. Quality-Plus Leaders also lead by example, modeling the behaviors desired in others, and they consistently turn vision into reality.

    Aspiring principals participate in a year-long instructional program, led by the superintendent and other district leaders, that focus on leader performance standards, core knowledge of the major functions of the school district, and other skills needed to positively impact students, teachers, and communities.Throughout the program, leaders engage in a variety of opportunities to reflect and respond to real-life scenarios and collaboratively practice critical leadership skills.

    Additionally, aspiring principals participate in a residency. The residency addresses core leadership standards and pivotal practices of effective school leaders. The residency experience provides an opportunity to develop and refine those skills that are essential for the principalship.

    Curriculum (aligned to Five Pivotal Practices)
    • Foundations of Leadership
    • Shaping a Vision of Academic Success
    • Improving Instruction
    • Cultivating Leadership in Others
    • Creating a Climate Hospitable to Education
    • Managing People, Data, and Processes to Foster School Improvement