Ongoing Leadership Support

  • Just-in-Time Training

    Leaders talking and reviewing a young students paperA critical component necessary for a school leader's success is on-going support. Our newest school leaders are provided with one-on-one support, as well as training in group sessions. Just-in-Time Training, or JIT, is delivered only when needed by the leader..

    This training gives a newly appointed principal or assistant principal the opportunity to work with experienced leaders to develop an understanding of the school community and culture, achievement results, operations, processes, and school initiatives.

    Mentoring Program

    QPLA provides formal mentoring to first- and second-year principals and assistant principals through its Leader Mentor Program. Individualized support through one-on-one meetings, small group support sessions, and just-in-time training on essential leadership topics assists novice leaders analyze current challenges and formulating plans for improvement. In the role of "thought partner," the leader mentor provides coaching as she or he asks reflective questions and listens to provide guidance. Leader mentors support novice leaders in the development and understanding of leader standards and provide coaching as they implement change strategies and lead effective practices.