Verification of GCPS Employment

  • Requests for verification of employment with GCPS must be submitted in writing. Requests cannot be completed via telephone, and cannot be processed without a signed statement of authorization from the employee.

    Verification of GCPS Employment

    Verification of GCPS Employment

    To submit your request for the following:

    • Verification of Employment Requests
    • Verification for Certification/Licensure
    • Verification for Loan/Grant Forgiveness
      (including Teacher Loan Forgiveness, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Teach Grant Certification)
    • Other Non-Salary Verification Requests

    To obtain a verification of salary with GCPS for the following:

    • Auto Loan
    • Home Loan
    • Apartment Rental
    • Mortgage/Financing

    Email at verify.nonsalary@gcpsk12.orgOR

    Fax requests, including a signed statement of authorization to (678) 442-5195

    Please contact Jeanie Baldesare at

    Fax your request, including signed authorization to (678) 301-6310

    *If you are a current GCPS employee, but leaving at the end of the school year, please submit any District verification of experience forms at the end of May. We cannot post-date end dates of employment.

    **Evaluation data is not available for the 2019-20 school year, based on Governor Kemp’s executive order suspending provisions of Code Section 20-2-210 relating to the Annual Performance Evaluation for Local  Education Agencies.


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