The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act:  E-Verify

  • The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (OCGA 13-10-91), requires that Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) shall not enter into a contract for the physical performance of services (as that term is defined in OCGA 13-10-90) wherein the labor or services exceed $2,499.99, unless the contractor signs and submits a notarized E-Verify affidavit that they have registered for and use E-Verify. A contractor with no employees and no intent to hire employees, must still submit to GCPS a notarized affidavit of No Employees along with a copy of their driver's license (and a driver's license is only acceptable IF it is issued by a state that verifies lawful immigration status prior to issuance).

    You may visit our e-Verify FAQ page for answers to common questions, or visit the DOAA website for answers to more specific questions.