F&O Program Management; Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Facilities & Operations Program Management

    Vacant Director


    This department is responsible for the systematic review of documentation, compliance, and general overview of the Facilities and Operations SPLOST/Bond program. The department will develop and analyze information to assess the current and future financial status of Facilities and Operations construction funding sources (i.e. SPLOST/Bond),  direct and evaluate project schedules and budget impact, coordinate audits and systematically report financial performance.

  • Continuous Quality Improvement

    Pete Wilson Systemwide Engineer


    various pictures of employees reviewing materialsThe success of the school system's F&O Division is due to its focus on continuous improvement. We consistently look for better ways to improve service and exceed customers' expectations. The Office of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) provides leadership in this area, acting as a resource for the division. CQI tools and methods help F&O to understand, analyze, and improve so it can meet the needs of students, staff, and the community.

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