Life Insurance Plans

  • MetLife Life Insurance
    All GCPS benefit-eligible employees are provided Basic Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance coverage of $15,000 provided by the Board of Education at no charge to the employee.

    Supplemental Life Insurance is an Anytime Benefit and can be reduced or discontinued during the plan year through the Employee Portal.

    MetLife Supplemental Life Insurance
    All benefit-eligible employees may elect Supplemental Life Insurance coverage up to six times their annual salary. All applications are reviewed and approved by MetLife. All group policies are term life and reflect employee's age and salary.

    MetLife Spousal Life Insurance
    If you are enrolled in the Supplemental Life Insurance benefit through Gwinnett County Public Schools, your spouse may apply for Spousal Life Insurance coverage. Coverage is provided in increments of $10,000, not to exceed 50% of employee Supplemental Life Benefit up to $250,000.

    Child Life Insurance
    Child Life Insurance provides you the opportunity to purchase $15,000 of life insurance coverage for your children. The monthly cost of Child Life Insurance is a flat rate that covers all of your eligible children.

    Helpful links:

    MetLife Life Insurance Changes - changes made through the Employee Portal

    MetLife Customer Service: 1-800-638-6420

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