Permissive Transfer Information

  • Permissive Transfer

    The Gwinnett County Board of Education has in place a process that allows students to transfer from their assigned school to another school within the district. This process includes permissive transfers, childcare/hardship transfers, medical/legal transfers, as well as the transfer of children of employees and current high school students rezoned to a new high school.

    In 2009, the Georgia Assembly passed HB251, which is often referred to as the “choice” bill. The Georgia Board of Education approved an amendment to Gwinnett County Public Schools’ IE2 Partnership Contract waiving this requirement for Gwinnett County Public Schools, acknowledging that the district already maintains a streamlined permissive transfer process for parents to request student transfers between schools within the district. In the spirit of HB251, Gwinnett County Public Schools shares the following information with its community about its permissive transfer process:

Registrar Information

  • Registrar/Student Records

    Snellville Middle School
    3155 Pate Road
    Snellville, Georgia 30078
    phone - 770-972-1530
    fax - 770-736-4444