• The Office of Advisement and Counseling coordinates the critical work of counselors in each school as they remove barriers to academic achievement through data-driven, comprehensive programming to meet the needs of all students.  Advisement and Counseling also works with advisement teams in each school to provide each middle and high school student with a caring and knowledgeable adult to challenge them and help them make wise choices throughout their school career.


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Advisement Program

  • The Gwinnett County Public Schools Advisement Program is designed to support the strategic priorities by helping develop productive relationships between students and school faculty. The goal of advisement, as set forth by our Superintendent, is that each middle and high school student have at least one caring adult (the advisor) with whom they feel a meaningful relationship exists. The advisor serves as an additional source of information to help the student successfully navigate middle and high school as well as develop life skills that will be needed well after high school. Each school's advisement program builds upon three foundational principles of Relationship, Respect, and Resilience (3R's). The 3R's as they are known within the schools are the key components to developing strong, successful, and contributing members of our society.


Counseling Program

  • The School Counseling Department is an indispensable part of each school team. Every school in Gwinnett County has at least one counselor. All GCPS counselors are state-certified, highly skilled professionals who possess the minimum of a Master's degree or higher in school counseling. Our purpose is to serve 100% of Gwinnett students in removing barriers to academic success. Our goal is to assist students in developing skills and competencies necessary to complement the academic curriculum and impact a positive school climate. Counselors work in cooperation with parents and teachers to provide programs and services that enhance student academic performance, instill respect for lifelong learning, and heighten career awareness and exploration. Counselors provide crisis intervention and serve as a community liaison.