Health and Social Services

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    The Office of Health and Social Services is responsible for managing procedures related to school enrollment, the attendance protocol, private school reports and the Homeless Education Program. In addition, the Office of Health and Social Services is comprised of County School Nurses, School Social Workers and the Homeless Liaison. County School Nurses, School Social Workers and the Homeless Liaison support local schools by providing intervention services to address those barriers which impact students’ academic achievement.

    The County School Nurses provide health related support which includes assistance with the development of individualized health management plans for students with health care conditions, supervision and training of clinic workers, training of other school staff such as teachers, cafeteria staff and bus drivers, oversight of school AED programs and immunization compliance, and communicable disease prevention and response.

    The School Social Workers are employed to support the district's academic mission via collaboration between home, school, and the community at-large. School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who can provide assistance with behavioral/mental health concerns, academic support, PBIS support, consultation support for teachers, parents, and administrators, as well as brief, individual, and group counseling support.

    The Homeless Liaison is responsible for managing the Homeless Education Program. The Homeless Liaison provides assistance to schools to ensure compliance with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act.

    For additional information, visit Homeless Education Program Information page.

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