Gwinnett County Public Schools FAQs

  • The GCPS FAQ page addresses the most frequently asked questions from families new to Gwinnett County. Please add this page to your list of favorites and check back often for updates.

  • How are Gwinnett's schools ranked and which are best?

    Gwinnett County Public Schools does not rank its schools. With so many factors to consider, families are best suited to make the decision about which school best meets their student’s needs. All Gwinnett schools use the same curriculum and Accountability Reports are posted for each school.

  • What school will my child attend?

    Attendance zones for Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) are determined by geographical boundaries called clusters. Within each cluster, there are three to six elementary schools, one or two middle schools, and one high school. Attendance lines drawn within the cluster’s boundaries determine which elementary or middle school in the cluster a student attends. To find which school your child will attend, use the GCPS SchoolLocator.

    GCPS has a number of facilities and programs for which attendance is not determined by cluster. These include:

    • ADAPT (special education school)
    • GIVE Center East (alternative school)
    • GIVE Center West (alternative school)
    • Gwinnett County Online Campus (district online school)
    • Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology
    • Maxwell High School of Technology (career and technical education program)
    • Monarch School (special education school)
    • New Life Academy of Excellence (charter school)
    • North Metro Academy of Performing Arts (themed elementary school, gr. K-5)
    • Oakland Meadow School (special education school)
    • Phoenix High School (open campus school) 
    • STRIVE (special education school)
    • The BRIDGE (special education school)

  • When and where do I register my child for school?

    Registration for newcomers is held weekdays, year-round, at all elementary, middle, and high schools. Please call your local school for an appointment. To find out which school your child will attend, use GCPS School Locator.

  • What paperwork do I need to register my child?

    Please review GCPS registration information for more information. To order your child's Georgia birth certificate online, please visit the state's ROVER (Request Official Vital Events Records) website.

  • Where do I go to get immunization and medical forms?

    Both the immunization form (Georgia Form #3231) and the medical form (Georgia Form #3300) are available from the health department and through most Georgia doctors and dentists.

    For Georgia Form #3300, letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state certificates are acceptable, if completed within the previous 12 months and stapled to the state form. These exams are available at Gwinnett County Health Department locations for a fee.

  • Can the school send the required immunization form (#3231) to me?

    No. Only health departments and physicians licensed in Georgia can obtain blank immunization certificates (Form #3231). Take your child's personal immunization record to a Georgia health department or Georgia doctor and they can complete the form and give any required vaccines. A fee may be charged for completing paperwork or for administering required immunizations.

  • Can my out-of-state doctor or dentist complete the medical form (#3300)?

    Blank medical forms are available only to health departments and doctors and dentists licensed in Georgia. However, letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state certificates are acceptable for the medical form (#3300), if completed within the previous 12 months and stapled to the state form. Vision, hearing, and dental, and nutrition screening exams are available at Gwinnett Health Department locations for a fee.

  • Does GCPS offer after-school programs for children?

    Gwinnett County Public Schools does not offer after-school care for students. However, many local daycare centers offer transportation between elementary schools and facilities. Contact your local school for information on daycare centers that serve the school. In addition, many students participate in various organizations that meet before and after school. Older students also may participate in athletics and extracurricular activities.

  • What curriculum does Gwinnett County use?

    Gwinnett's Academic Knowledge and Skills or AKS is the essential curriculum for grades K-12 in Gwinnett schools. It spells out precisely what students are expected to learn and be able to do in each grade/subject. Developed by Gwinnett educators with input from more than 5,000 parents and citizens, it was initially adopted in 1996 and is reviewed annually. The AKS for each grade level and content area  is available on the district website.

  • In addition to promotion assessments, what other tests will my child take?

    Students in Gwinnett County Public Schools participate in standardized tests for their grade level throughout the year. These tests, when used as part of a comprehensive assessment program that includes homework, projects, classwork, teacher-developed tests, and other local assessments, help parents and teachers measure student achievement.

    Learn more about Gwinnett's assessment program.

  • Do you have charter or magnet schools?

    Yes. GCPS has one charter school:

  • Who do I talk to about home school?

    Learn more about Home School.

  • How can I find out about employment with GCPS?

    Career opportunities in Gwinnett County Public Schools, the largest employer in the county and one of the largest employers in the state, are available online. With GCPS' online application process, prospective employees have a more efficient way to find employment opportunities in Gwinnett County Public Schools. Online, applicants can learn more about available jobs, apply for those positions, and track their progress throughout the application process all with 24/7 access from any computer with an Internet connection. If you have questions or need technical assistance, call the HR Customer Support Center at 678-301-6161 during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday).