• Must I obtain IRB approval from my college/university in order to obtain approval to conduct research in GCPS?

    No, GCPS does not require prior college/university IRB approval

  • What happens if I miss the submission deadline?

    Unfortunately, if received after the submission deadline, your application will not be reviewed until the following IRB meeting (approximately 8 weeks later).

  • Do I need to include survey questionnaires, consent forms, resume/vita, etc.?

    Yes, for an application to be considered complete, all supporting documents must be appended to the IRB application. The application packet must include all supporting documents and the application in a single Word or pdf document.

  • If my application is approved, will schools be required to participate in my study?

    No, school participation is at the discretion of the principal. If school level participation is approved by the principal, individual participation still remains voluntary.v

  • Is there a time limit for me to complete my study?

    Yes, we expect the study to be completed within the schedule outlined by the researcher n the application. Any changes in the research schedule must be requested and approved by the Executive Director.

  • I am a Local School Research Request Form applicant; will I receive a formal approval letter?

    No, if needed, the Research, Evaluation, and Analytics department will provide a letter of notification about Board Policy and Local School Research Request approval.

  • Will the Research, Evaluation, and Analytics department make changes to my application?

    No, once submitted, the application is considered final. Please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed your application prior to submission.

  • If denied, can I resubmit an application?

    You may submit a revised version of your Application for a later review month. At the discretion of the Executive Director, your Application may or may not be forwarded to the IRB for review. A revised Application may still be denied by the IRB on the grounds of concerns listed in the original denial letter or on new grounds. The IRB will not accept an Application that has been denied twice.