Foundational Principles

  • Relationship, Respect, Resilience [The 3 R's, as they are known within the schools], as well as Careers, are critical components for success our students need in order to be successful in both their academic and personal goals.

    Relationship: Healthy relationships in all aspects of life are critical to general wellness and success. GCPS students will learn and understand the importance of healthy and productive relationships in all aspects of life. The advisement program helps students to set and understand appropriate expectations and boundaries regarding interactions with peers, school staff, as well as potential employers.

    Respect: Self-Respect is essential to the overall well-being of our students; mutual respect for peers and others is essential to a productive, safe and inclusive school environment. The advisement program incorporates lessons on self-respect as well as respect for others to facilitate the development of school environments where all students feel welcomed and can succeed.

    Resilience: Resilience, the ability to rebound from disappointment or difficulties, has been shown in research to be a significant indicator of student success. This is a characteristic that the advisement program reinforces. As educators know, disappointment and difficulty will not only occur at times during the school years but throughout a student's life. The ability to evolve, re-frame, adjust, and work through those times will be necessary for our students to be successful.

    Careers: A strong understanding of the connection between academic success and career goals is necessary for students to fully engage in the academic and post-secondary planning process. The Advisement program will provide opportunities for increased career awareness and exploration through engaging career lessons. Students will learn critical employability skills (i.e. preparedness, teamwork, promptness, etc.), along with goal setting/monitoring, and become aware of general academic skills needed for success in the work place.