• Seniors - we are very excited to announce a distribution plan for picking up graduation tickets. We will be distributing graduation tickets on Monday, July 6th from 10am-2pm. Please call (404) 941-6078 or email tamaiko.chappell@gcpsk12.org if you have questions or concerns.
    When you come to pick up your items - you must follow these guidelines:

    1. Have your name (Last Name, First Name) written large and in a dark marker and displayed in your window.

    2. DO NOT get out of your car or park your car; you will enter from Buford Hwy ONLY. You will go through the bus lane and exit out at Buford Hwy.

    3. As you move down the bus lane the tickets and other information will be placed in your car.  Please pop the trunk or hatch to your car, and your tickets along with important information will be placed in your trunk.

    4. Please follow the information listed below - it is organized by 2 lanes by student last name - this is to ensure social distancing and allow enough time to distribute items. You may come anytime during the time frame.
    Monday pickup time is 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
    Lane 1:  A-L 
    Lane 2:  M-Z
    Sample Sign for Window: