Gwinnett 21C3 Program

  • 21st Century Comprehensive Counseling Image

    The 21st Century Comprehensive Counsel­ing Program (21C3), designed in partnership with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), helps GCPS counselors evaluate how the school counseling program makes a difference for students. 21C3 is based on the ASCA National Model, which reflects a comprehensive approach to program foundation, delivery, management, and accountability. The model is a blueprint that helps school counselors shift their emphasis from service-centered for some students to program-centered for every student. The model answers not only the question “What do school counselors do?” but, more importantly, “How are students different as a result of what counselors do?”

    This model ensures that advocacy, leadership, and systemic change are evident throughout the program. Counselors serve as a leader within the school counseling model by delivering services through classroom lessons, small and large groups, and individual sessions. The model requires school counselors to be proficient in retrieving school data, analyzing it to improve student success, and using it to ensure educational equity for all students. By collaborating with other professionals within their buildings, school counselors influence systemic change and serve as advocates for students and their counseling program through strong communication, consultation, and leadership skills.

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