• Hello Lanier Families, 

    I want to share plans for serving breakfast and lunch at our school.  Please keep in mind this could change, and I will forward any updates to you. 

    • Meals will be available for pick-up Monday-Friday.  We will be serving meals through the bus lane from 12:05-12:40PM. 
    • Students will be offered the choice of both breakfast and lunch each day during the 12:05 pickup. 
    • Students will need their student ID cards. (These cards will be printed by the school more information will be posted soon) This allows us to process and properly account for the meal. These ID cards will be issued when students first arrive to purchase meals. 
    • The student does not need to be present to receive a meal, but the parent/guardian must have the student’s ID card in order to validate their child’s enrollment and eligibility. 
    • Students will be charged for their meals based on their current eligibility: Freereduced (breakfast $.35/lunch $.40) or full pay (breakfast $1.50/lunch $2.25)   Make sure you have filled out a new free/reduced form for this school year. 
    • You must have money on your child’s account to cover the cost of the meal as we will not be allowing charges or providing alternate meals.  
    • If you are planning on purchasing meals from the school, please check your child’s account funds on MyPaymentsPlus prior to arrival.  Funds may take up to 24 hours to appear on your child’s account. Students will be able to pick up a meal at any school within their assigned cluster.  Therefore, if you have students in multiple schools in the Lanier Cluster, you will only need to go to one school to pick up all the meals; however you should pick up your first meal at LMS in order to receive your student ID. 
    • If your child is bringing their lunch, let GCPS provide the sides: choose fruit, veggies and milk for free!


    Thank you, 

    Marilyn Tanksley– Cafeteria Manager- Lanier Middle 


cafeteria infographic
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