• For parents who received the follow-up email, use the information below  It is very important that you are not logged into a personal Gmail account when the student is testing the links. If you are on a tablet, the Google Classroom and Zoom apps should be downloaded before testing any links.

    Support Instructions for Different Computers/Devices 

    Click the eClass link first and log in using the information below, then return to this document to click on the other links to test resources 2-4

    Resource Links

    1. eClass - Students use their student number for their username and password. Student numbers were shared by teachers. They are also available for lookup by parents on the Parent Portal

    Test Link for eClass

    2. Safari Montage - This resource is linked on the front page of the student portal. Step one has you go there. After that, look for the link you see circled below. If the page loads, you were successful:

    safari montage circled

    3. Google Classroom - Your homeroom teacher should have added you to their Google Classroom already. If not, they have shared a code to join. If you did not receive this information, please contact your teacher directly.

    Test Link for Google Classroom - If you have a “Join” button, click it. If not, contact your child’s teacher. Loading the page for either means you succeeded

    4. Zoom - Test Room for Zoom - If you can join the room, your device is ready to join your teacher’s Zoom links too.