• Policies and Information

    Our current (COVID-19) library policies are below.  Please feel free to contact the Library Staff for any questions.

Information and Policies

  • Library Hours:
    Monday - Thursday 6:45 am - 3:00 pm
    Fridays 6:45 am - 2:30pm

    Students are welcome in the library; however, anyone coming into the library must have a mask and follow social distancing practices.  We have taken many seats out of use during this time with caution tape and/or signs. Students will not be allowed to congregate or be within 6 feet of others. Students are expected to obey all signs within the library and may be asked to leave if they do not.  When the library has reached capacity, no more students will be allowed in.

    Students may only utilize every other computer station in the media center to allow for social distancing.  Students must use hand sanitizer, which is provided, before and after use of computers.

    Printing Costs:
    Printing in black and white is FREE for school assignments (10 cents for personal use). To avoid students congregating, a staff member will get the pages from the printer to hand to the student. Please note: the library printers DO NOT PRINT DOUBLE-SIDED.  If you have over 10 pages, please see a media staff member before printing.  Printing in color is 25 cents per page. A copier is also available for school use.  Please ask a library staff member if you need a copy of something.  

    Holds & Curbside Pickup:

    Students currently have the ability to place books on hold through the media catalog available on their student eClass pages. Once books are pulled for students, they will be notified that their book(s) are available for pickup. Curbside pickup hours are Tuesdays during lunch periods and after school from 2:30-3:30 and on Fridays between 9 and 2. View hold instructions and curbside pickup reminders HERE


  •  Circulation Policies:
    Students may check out up to 5 books and keep them for 4 weeks.  Books can be renewed if not on hold for another student.

    There will be no late fines imposed this semester; however, students WILL incur a cost for lost books. Cost for hardback books is $20, while paperback books are $10. Payment for lost books can be paid through MyPaymentsPlus (under "Miscellaneous Fees").  

    Books will be arranged on tops of fiction shelves and on displays for easy browsing. Students will be encouraged to look up summaries and reviews on the catalog or Goodreads instead of touching the books.  We also have books on display with QR codes to Goodreads reviews.

    If a patron wishes to browse the shelves for a book, they will be required to wear gloves, which will be provided.

    Students will use ID badges with student numbers to sign-in and check-out without touching a keypad.

    Passes to the Library:
    Students need a pass from their teacher in order to visit the library during class. No more than 3 or 4 students from any one class may come at a time. Students will need to scan their Student ID card at the sign-in computer at the front of the library.

    Food and drinks:
    No food or drink is allowed in the Mill Creek Library, except water.