• Problem Solving

Frequent Use Strategy

  • The Problem-Solving strategy engages students with the AKS through a relevant problem or challenge to develop knowledge and skills and to deepen understanding.

    When using Problem-Solving, the teacher explicitly models, teaches, and engages students in a problem-solving process through relevant real-world problems to demonstrate mastery of the AKS.

    When effectively applying the Problem-Solving strategy, teachers will strategically ask high-level questions, monitor students' progress, formatively assess student learning, and give timely and specific feedback. Students will engage in the problem-solving process by making predictions, conducting research, collecting evidence, developing solutions, and sharing their reasoning.

    Problem-Solving is not isolated from the AKS as a separate event or an extension of the learning. It is not a culminating project, teacher directed, or contrived. Problem-Solving is most effective when it is student centered and requires students to develop deep understanding as they synthesize, evaluate, and/or create something new to demonstrate their learning of the AKS.

Look Fors

  • The Teacher will…
    • explicitly model, teach, & engage students in a problem-solving process through relevant, real-world problems to demonstrate mastery of the AKS.
    • teach the AKS through problem solving, which could include problem-based learning, project- based learning, or the design thinking process.
    The Students will…
    • engage in a problem-solving process when given a relevant problem or challenge.
    • engage in think aloud & instructional conversations to communicate reasoning & develop problem solving schema.
    • make predictions, research, draw conclusions based on evidence, and communicate findings.

Model Lessons


  •  teacher at the board with students watching

    Math ES 1195-2

    In this video, the teacher models how to analyze a pattern to extend. The teacher provides the opportunity to share their thinking on patterns.

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  •  Math ES 1197-1

    Math ES 1197-1

    In this video, the students are engaged in an activating strategy where they are engage in a problem and asked to share their findings. Students also exchange ideas to support the understanding of the problems.

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  •  Math HS 1207-1

    Math HS 1207-1

    In this video, the teacher engages students in a problem-solving task to start the learning for the math AKS

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  •  MATH HS 1207-15

    Math HS 1207-15

    In this video, the teacher provides a framework the next steps in the learning for students to collaborate with peers.

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  •  Math MS 1200-2

    Math MS 1200-2

    In this video, the teacher monitors students as they work collaboratively to evaluate and communicate their findings for a math concept.

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