• Brookwood High School

  • Brookwood high school building front
  • Address

    1255 Dogwood Road; Snellville, GA 30078 

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  • Principals

    Years Principal
    1981–1996 Mr. Emmett Lawson
    1996–2002 Mrs. Connie Corley
    2002–2007 Ms. Jane Stegall
    2007–Nov. 2013 Ms. Debra Dees
    Dec. 2013–2022 Mr. William Bo Ford, Jr. 
    2022–Present Dr. Brett Savage

  • Colors/Mascot

    School ColorsMaroon and Gold
    School Mascot: Broncos

    Brookwood High School Logo

  • Building Plaque

    Board of EducationBrookwood High School
    Martha Ashworth - Chairman
    Carrie Maloney - Vice Chairman
    Louise Radloff
    Cecil Gober
    David Richardson

    Superintendent: Dr. Alton C. Crews
    Architect: Mullins & Associates
    Contractor: T & B - Scottdale Contractors, Inc.
    Dedication Date: 1979


  •      Brookwood High School opened in the fall of 1981 on the corner of Hollybrook Drive and Dogwood Road. From this crossroad came the name Brookwood High School. This site has never housed another building; however, since its construction, Brookwood has been surrounded with the development of a number of subdivisions.

         Brookwood was built to relieve the overcrowding of three other Gwinnett County high schools: South Gwinnett, Central Gwinnett, and Parkview. From the beginning, Brookwood students, parents, and staff have been committed to being the best. Brookwood’s motto, “A Tradition of Excellence,” exemplifies a consistent quest to strive for perfection in all areas of school life.

         The opening of Brookwood was the beginning of traditions that thrive today. A parent and student advisory committee selected the bronco of the great American West as Brookwood’s mascot. The bronco represents one of America’s most respected animals and characterizes rough, tough, independent spirit, strong will, and determination. A student leadership committee picked maroon and gold as the school colors.

         Although the school started with a small faculty and a student body of 1,100, it has increased over the years. By the 2006–07 school year, Brookwood High had 290 faculty/ staff serving a student body of 3,288. By 2017–18, the school’s enrollment had topped 3,500 students.

         The seeds of Brookwood’s tradition of excellence lie in its continual quest to be the best and a commitment to recognition of effort. In addition to a number of state championships in a myriad of sports, including baseball, cross country, tennis, football, swimming, and soccer, the school has earned respect for its academic accomplishments. Brookwood has been named among “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” and “The Best High Schools in Georgia.” It also has earned recognition as an Advanced Placement (AP) Honor School. In academic competitions, Brookwood has earned Science Olympiad state championships, Readers Rally county championships, Academic Team county and state honors, and placed at the Robotics World Championship. In the area of fine arts, the school has amassed a number of honors with students excelling in orchestra, choral, band, and visual arts competitions. The school also is a leader when it comes to community service and raising money for charitable organizations.