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Frequent Use Strategy

  • Strong literacy skills provide students with a foundation for academic achievement and support students’ mastery of AKS in all content areas. Throughout K-12 learning, students continuously strengthen their literacy development in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Teachers will provide explicit and systematic instruction and opportunities to practice literacy skills in all content areas. As teachers plan for instruction, they will consider the course AKS and the literacy needs of their students to create intentional opportunities for purposeful practice to further support mastery of the course AKS and literacy skills.

    In the K-12 language arts classroom, students will receive explicit, systematic, and cumulative literacy instruction aligned to evidenced-based literacy practices outlined in Science of Reading research. Using diagnostic assessments, teachers will determine instructional needs of students and design instructional opportunities using the QPTS to support students’ literacy development.

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  • The Teacher will…
    • provide opportunities & support for active & purposeful listening & speaking to enhance the learning of concepts, skills, & vocabulary through partner, small group, & whole class discussions.
    • provide students with opportunities to read a variety of rich & rigorous on-grade level texts to build background knowledge & vocabulary.
    • explicitly model writing in the content area & provide students with opportunities to write for a variety of purposes & audiences.
    • provide students with explicit & systematic support in literacy to ensure students acquire a strong foundation in their literacy development.
    The Students will…
    • engage in listening & speaking activities through various learning settings to deepen the learning & to further enhance the learning experience.
    • read a variety of rich & rigorous on-grade level texts to grow their background knowledge & deepen their vocabulary.
    • engage in varied & ongoing writing practice to develop effective writing skills.
    • repeatedly practice reading & writing to develop automaticity and fluency & to deepen literacy skills.


  •  Math ES 1195-2

    Math ES 1195-2

    In this video, the teacher pulls a small group to work with students on extending the pattern through model and practice. Students are asked to make and test predictions.

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  • Math HS 1207-11

    Math HS 1207-11

    In this video, the students work to explain their solutions while the teacher asks follow up questions for clarification.

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  • Math HS 1207-13

    Math HS 1207-13

    In this video, students work to analyze, assess, and communicate their thinking on the math task.

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  •  MATH HS 1207-15

    Math HS 1207-15

    IIn this video, the teacher provides a framework the next steps in the learning for students to collaborate with peers.

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  •  Math HS 1207-3

    Math HS 1207-3

    In this video, the teacher uses images for students to develop noticing and wonderings, which are related to the math concept.

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