• girl throwing clay on a potter's wheel

    The Art and Design department proudly facilitates a contemporary artistic experience—both in theory and practice—creating holistic student artists. Students will grow in their technique, concept, process, and product as they work with industry professionals across various artistic disciplines, such as 2D, 3D, and Digital mediums. Ultimately, by embracing a fresh artistic mindset and voice, SOTA’s Art and Design students will be either college or career ready upon graduation, prepared to successfully participate in a global artistic community.


    Scope & Sequence

    9th Grade: Drawing I & II, Sculpture I & II, Digital Photography & Graphic Design 

    10th Grade: Painting I & II, Ceramics I & II, Analog Photography & Video

    11th Grade: Printmaking & Textiles, Jewelry & Metals, AP Art History, AP 2D/3D Studio

    12th Grade: AP Drawing or Environmental Sculpture & Installation, Senior Capstone & Art as Business, Senior Internship, Artist in Residence Studio 

    Conservatory students will also have the opportunity to participate in Flex Studio, which is formatted as an open studio, allowing students a space to independently work on their studio projects.