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    Music Technology & Audio Production students receive in-depth training on technology platforms that support music composition, audio engineering, and sound design found in the music industry. This conservatory will work in direct partnership with the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media to develop the musical skills as well as technology training necessary for this industry.

    Scope & Sequence

    9th Grade: Vocal Ensemble I, Beginning Music Tech, Music Theory, Beginning Piano, Beginning Guitar, Band or Orchestra (Optional).  

    10th Grade:  Intermediate Music Tech, Conservatory Choir (Optional), Music Business/Songwriting, Band or Orchestra (Optional), Music Theory, Intermediate Guitar and Intermediate Piano  

    11th Grade:  Intermediate to Advanced Music Tech, Music Business/Songwriting, Professional Development, Advanced Music Theory, Live Sound, Music Production, Conservatory Choir (Optional), Band or Orchestra (Optional), Guitar and Piano.  

    12th Grade: Advanced Music Tech, Music Production, AP Music Theory, Music Business/Songwriting, Conservatory Choir (Optional), Band or Orchestra (Optional), Advanced Guitar, Piano, Professional Development, Internship