Gwinnett County Public Schools Announces Plans for the Return of Staff to Work Sites

  • GCPS logo In the spring, Gwinnett County Public Schools was challenged in ways like never before. As we look to the new school year, we are seeking a return to what is familiar. In considering how to return to school, difficult decisions are being made by school districts across the nation. In this school district, we care first about our people—our students, employees, and families. And because we care about them, we must ensure we do the best job possible of educating Gwinnett’s children. It is what our community expects and what we are obligated to do. 

    Today, GCPS will announce its plan to open the school year with in-person instruction, along with an option for digital learning, for students in grades K-12. On Monday, June 29, an email will be sent to the enrolling parent of every GCPS student. That parent will be asked to select one of the two options for each student in the home.

    In addition, district leaders affirmed the following dates for employees to return to their work sites.

    • All central office staff members who are currently working remotely will report to their work sites on July 8.
    • All employees who are not 12-month staff will return to their work sites on their scheduled start dates.

    If a staff member has a concern or question about returning to their work site, they should contact their supervisor. Employees may be referred to Human Resources for specific issues or for guidance. 
    Gwinnett County Public Schools is fully committed to ensuring work sites are as safe as they possibly can be. The district is referring to current guidance from health partners to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 in school and office settings. The following are some of the protective measures that will be in place:

    Employees should self-screen at home. It is recommended to take temperatures daily before going to work. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 F or higher should not go to a work site. They also should screen themselves for respiratory symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath prior to coming to work each day. 

    An employee should not come into the building if he or she is sick or has any symptoms of illness or if he or she has been in close contact with someone who has been ill within the last 14 days. 

    -  An employee should report to their supervisor if they have been exposed to someone who is ill.

    When coming in contact with anyone from the outside to deliver or pick up items, employees are encouraged to wear protective face covering and gloves. 

    Employees should maintain physical distance from others as much as possible. 

    Use a face mask or face covering. GCPS will provide employees with three cloth, reusable face coverings upon their return to work. Employees also may use their own personal face coverings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in settings where social distancing can’t be achieved. The use of masks can be a challenge for some children and adults, so it will not be required in the district. However, GCPS does highly encourage the wearing of masks for those who can.

    Do not share materials such as pens, computers, phones, keypads, touch pads, etc. 

    Wash hands frequently and for 20 seconds or more, using soap and water.

    If an employee is working and becomes ill... 

    -  Report illness (or exposure to someone who is ill) to your supervisor. This information is important for leave purposes and for efforts to contain and stop the spread of illness. 
    -  GCPS’ Leave Office ( will work with individuals to ensure appropriate leave is applied and benefits received. 
    -  In addition, GCPS’ Department of Health Services will conduct a contact investigation and consult with the Gwinnett County Health Department for recommendations. If testing shows that an employee is COVID-19 positive, county health officials will be in contact to provide additional instructions and support.