• Cedar Hill Elementary School

  • Cedar hill elementary school building front
  • Address

    3615 Sugarloaf Parkway; Lawrenceville, GA 30044

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  • Principals

    Years Principal
    1988–1992 Hugh May
    1992–2000 Debbie Allred
    2001–2006 Susan M. White
    2006–2009 Dr. Beverly Smith
    2009–2012 Dr. Susan Bearse
    2012–2016 Phyllis Dartt
    2016–Present Dr. Jose DeJesus

  • Colors/Mascot

    School Colors:  Navy, Silver, and Lime Green
    School Mascot: Titans

    Cedar Hill Elementary School Logo


  •      Cedar Hill was established during the late 1800s as a school for the African American children of this rural area who lived near the Robert Craig plantation known as “Little Egypt.” The school was situated in the heart of a grove of cedar trees; thus, the name Cedar Hill. A teacher is credited with planting young cedar sprouts around the school and plantation. In later years, these trees were cut down and used in industry.

         In 1906, Cedar Hill became a public school. In 1927, it was valued at $250. In 1948, the building was renovated and Cedar Hill remained open until 1951, at which time the students were added to rolls at HooperRenwick School in Lawrenceville.

         Babye Baggett, an area resident, recalled the school’s history and was responsible for submitting the name Cedar Hill for the school, which opened in the fall of 1988 in the current location. Mrs. Baggett consulted with artist Robert Cunningham and together they captured the feeling of the original building in a painting which hangs in the office of Cedar Hill.

         Cedar Hill was completed on August 16, 1988. It was built to accommodate the excessive growth in the area. Cedar Hill received students from Lawrenceville, Benefield, and Gwin Oaks elementary schools. An addition was completed in 1993 which added many new classrooms and a computer lab. A second addition and renovation was completed in 2001.

         Students from the three schools scheduled to attend Cedar Hill were invited to submit suggestions for a school mascot and colors. Nominations received were then put to a vote by the students. The students selected a bulldog as their mascot and blue and gold as the school colors. In order to promote school cluster spirit and loyalty, Cedar Hill’s mascot and colors were changed in 2004 to match the Central Gwinnett cluster’s colors and mascot (Black Knights; black and gold). In 2015, the school’s mascot and colors changed once again (Titans; Navy, Silver, and Lime Green) as Cedar Hill joined the new Discovery Cluster.

         Hugh D. May was selected to serve as Cedar Hill’s first administrator and retired from Cedar Hill in May of 1992. Ms. Debbie Allred was then appointed principal in August of 1992 and served in this position until December of 2000. Ms. Susan White joined Cedar Hill in January of 2001 as principal until November of 2006 when Dr. Beverly Smith, was appointed. Dr. Smith served until 2009, when Dr. Susan Bearse was named as principal. In 2012, Dr. Bearse accepted the principalship at Berkeley Lake Elementary. Phyllis Dartt became principal of the school at that time. In 2016, Ms. Dartt announced her retirement and the Gwinnett County Board of Education named Jose DeJesus as her successor.

         Cedar Hill Elementary’s original address was 550 Huston Road, Lawrenceville, between Highway 29 and Five Forks Trickum Road. However, the school’s address changed when Sugarloaf Parkway was completed. The school’s address is 3615 Sugarloaf Parkway, and it sits next door to Richards Middle School.