Transportation Changes

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    If transportation arrangements for students need to change on any given day, you must complete the Transportation Change Form located below. We cannot accept requests by phone or e-mail to alter arrangements. A transportation change form must be issued from the school office in order for a student to ride a different bus. Students will not be permitted to board another bus unless they have a transportation change form.

  • Each day, Parsons Elementary teachers and staff make certain that our almost 750 students get home safely. Changes in transportation require extra care each day to safely get students where they need to be.

    • If a parent changes (change means a deviation from the weekly plan the parent has provided to the teacher) their child's transportation, please note:

    •  Changes in the transportation of any kind will NOT be accepted via email, FAX, or phone.  Please do not email the teacher any time-sensitive information.  This is for the safety of your child.

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