• School counseling services are delivered in four ways: (1) Classroom Core Curriculum Lessons (delivered to all students & based in the areas of personal/social, academic and career development), (2) Individual Student Planning (one-on-one assistance with goal formation/planning), (3) Responsive Services (brief counseling, crisis intervention, problem-solving, peer mediation) * If a student needs mental health counseling, we will refer the family to community counseling resources. (4) System Support (school-wide programming, consultation with school & community professionals, and support for students and their families).


    Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling sessions with students are initiated by referral from teachers, parents, administrators or peers. Students also self-refer.

    Students use their agenda book as a pass to come to the counselor’s office. Counselors have an open-door policy. However, if a counselor is not in the office, students may complete a Note to the Counselor form and leave it under the door. The counselor will schedule a time for the counseling session.

    Sessions may include expressing feelings, problem-solving, designing plans of action, and academic counseling.

    Follow-up is done as needed.

    DLD options: A student or parent can complete a session request on our e-class or website. A counselor will schedule a time to meet the student. 


    Small Group Counseling

    Counselors organize and lead small group counseling sessions based on building resilience and providing support for students experiencing similar problems.

    Students can be recommended for small group counseling by administrators, teachers, parents, and through self-referrals. Small group counseling sessions will be conducted for four to six sessions based on student needs and schedules. The small groups for counseling will consist of 4 to 10 students.


    Classroom Core Curriculum Lessons (formerly Classroom Guidance)

    The following topics may be presented to each grade level through classroom lessons (delivered through all core content areas on rotation):

    Counselor Introduction

    Getting Along with Others / Bullying / Sexual Harassment

    Career Awareness / Exploration & Soft Skills

    High School 101 – Getting ready for high school 

    Other topics as needed or requested by teachers

    *See our counselor calendar for special lessons and dates


    Counseling Crisis Situations

    When a crisis occurs that impacts students or staff, counselors will provide classroom support or individual counseling.

    Follow-up sessions will be done, if necessary, and counselors will meet privately with individual students as needed.


    School Wide Programs



    • Attendance Monitoring and Recognition
    • Advisement Fridays
    • PBIS and PRIDE
    • Peer Leadership Program 
    • GCPS Community Mentors 
    • School-wide PBIS/
    • Advisement Program: The Comet Community 
    • CARE Team 
    • Academic Awards and Honors Assembly 
    • Career Day/Week Activities and 8th Grade Career Connections Fair 
    • Rising 6th Grade Articulation
    • Rising 9th Grade Articulation
    • Holiday Help Week
    • Comet of the Month/Most Improved Comet of the Month



    Winter Small Group


    • Boys Group: Beyond the sports and entertainment
    • Literacy Group: Text Talk
    • Study Skills Group: Ready, set, go