• Lovin Elementary School

  • Lovin elementary school building front
  • Address

    1705 New Hope Road; Lawrenceville, GA 30045

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  • Principals

    Years Principal
    2007–Oct. 2008 Laurie Allison
    Oct. 2008–2011 Berry Simmons
    2011–Dec. 2018 Dr. Janet Blanchette
    Jan. 2019–Present Kevin Payne
  • Colors/Mascot

    School Colors:  Red and Silver
    School Mascot: Tiger

    Lovin Elementary School Logo

  • Building Plaque

    Board of EducationLovin elementary school plaque
    Dr. Robert McClure - Chairman
    Louise Radloff - Vice Chairman
    Carole Boyce
    Dr. Mary Kay Murphy 
    Daniel D. Seckinger

    CEO/Superintendent: J. Alvin Wilbanks
    Architect: Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewatt, Stewatt, & Associates, Inc.
    Contractor: Rogers Construction Company
    Dedication Date: 2007


  • Edwin Lovin

         Lovin Elementary School, located at 1705 New Hope Road in Lawrenceville, was named in honor of Edwin Lovin who had a 34-year career with Gwinnett County Public Schools, serving as a teacher, principal, and associate superintendent. His wife was an educator in the GCPS system for more than 20 years, and his son, daughter, and granddaughter also were employed by GCPS. In addition to his association with the district, Mr. Lovin lived on New Hope Road, where the school is located, for 45 years.

         Edwin Lovin is remembered as a well-respected educator who began his career with Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) at Dacula High School in 1949. At Dacula High, Mr. Lovin was the instructor of the Veteran’s Farm Training Program. He later taught history, science, biology, and vocational agriculture. Students describe him as being an excellent and enthusiastic instructor. One former pupil stated, “The quality that I best remember about Mr. Lovin is that he expressed concern to each student and to everyone with whom he came in contact.” In 1963, Mr. Lovin became a visiting teacher working in the county office. Principals recall his dedication, concern for children, and contributions to the community.

         Mr. Lovin joined GCPS’ Personnel Department as director in 1972, and was later named the first Assistant Superintendent of Personnel for the system. Former Superintendent J. W. Benefield once remarked that Mr. Lovin contributed significantly toward the greatness of Gwinnett County Public Schools, saying “By his effort and ingenuity, he developed a first-class personnel division with a minimum number of support staff.” Mr. Lovin is credited with conducting a constant talent search for the best teachers in the Southeast.

         Hard work, love for children, and respect for all people are just a few of the characteristics about Mr. Lovin so many people admired. His success in life is attributed to a consistency in beliefs, actions, and lifestyle. Mr. Lovin was, indeed, a devoted father, husband, and professional educator. Upon Mr. Lovin’s retirement in 1983, former Superintendent Dr. Alton C. Crews shared these remarks:

    “Thank you, Ed Lovin; you have given more than you have received in this life. If all who pass this way contribute as much as Ed Lovin, this old world would be a better place in which to live.”

         Mr. Lovin’s wisdom, genuine concern for others, and loyalty in his personal and professional life are just a few reasons why it was recommended that the new school in this area be named for him.

         Lovin Elementary School was officially dedicated at a ceremony on October 21, 2007. The 146,680 square foot facility opened with 53 classrooms and cost $13,385,000 to build.

         The school originally opened as part of the Grayson Cluster and donned the cluster colors of green and gold and sported the ram as its mascot. However, when Archer High School opened in 2009, the school joined the Archer Cluster, changing its colors and mascot to the red and silver tiger associated with that cluster.

         Since its opening, Lovin has focused on providing a rigorous instructional program. Its success in this area is evident in the achievements of its students and staff along with accolades earned by the school. For example, in 2016, for the third consecutive year, Lovin Elementary earned recognition from the Georgia Department of Education as a 2015–16 Reward School in the “High Progress” category. The award honors schools among the top 10% of Title I schools in the state making the most progress in improving performance of the “all students” group over three years on statewide assessments. The school also has earned multiple recognitions through the 2016 Governor’s SHAPE Honor Roll. The award recognizes school level efforts in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, and wellness. Students also have stretched their higher-level thinking skills through school programs and clubs, including the Strategy Game Club, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) showcases, and Readers Rally. In addition, students participate in leadership opportunities at the school such as Safety Patrols, Peer Helpers, and Lovin Leaders.

         The school also builds connections with its community through PTA events, career fairs, and partnerships with Archer High School and area businesses. Lovin also is a part of the greater community and exhibits that through a multi-year international partnership with a school in Haiti. The school supports a library in Haiti named after Lovin, providing ongoing donations from the community.

         The legacy of Ed Lovin lives on today at the school named for him as student “Learn it, Love it, and Live it at Lovin!”