Foster Care Program

  • Office of Health and Social Services

    Sylvia Florez
    Foster Care Social Worker


    The Gwinnett County Public School’s Foster Care Program is dedicated to the educational excellence and stability of children and youth that are placed in substitute care away from their parents or guardians. The program envisions the implementation of evidence-based practices that aim to improve academic stability as well as enable foster children to achieve educational outcomes that equal or surpass that of their non-foster peers.

    Foster care students will:

    • Be immediately enrolled in school
    • Attend school of origin or in the attendance area where the foster family currently resides
    • Have considerations made to decrease the transfer of foster youth after a change of placement
    • Be awarded credit for all completed work in accordance with GCPS procedures
    • Receive transportation to the school of origin if requested by either foster parents or DFCS and determined to be in the “best interest” of the student

    The primary goal of the Foster Care Social Worker is to eliminate barriers to school enrollment and promote academic success for all students. In addition to providing support to local schools, the Foster Care Social Worker along with the school social workers serves as the link between families and community resources. The Foster Care Social Worker is responsible for providing on-going training to families, schools, and community resources in an effort to promote awareness, education and most of all sensitivity to the needs of students in foster care.

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