Become a Partner in Education

  • Make a difference in the lives of students! Gwinnett County’s Partners in Education Program is one way that businesses and community organizations can enhance public education in our community. The program offers many different ways to become involved in Gwinnett’s public education system. Partnerships can be big or small, and involve in-kind or financial resources, as well as volunteers. But one thing all successful partnerships have in common is commitment— commitment to improving education for our young people!

Working Together as Partners in Education

  • Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) works with the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce to coordinate the Gwinnett Partners in Education Program. Businesses, civic and social organizations, college and university groups, and government agencies may become a Partner in Education.
    Partners may choose to work with a class, a school, a number of schools, or a system-level program such as fine arts, STEM, or mathematics. In addition, GCPS offers systemwide partnership opportunities as well.

What is a "typical" partnership?

  • In Gwinnett, there isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach to partnerships Each partnership is unique. Each school has different needs, based on its students and existing resources. Likewise, each partnering organization is different in what it hopes to accomplish through a partnership with a school. Because there’s not a “typical” partnership, schools and businesses work together to develop successful partnerships that benefit everyone involved.

    Possible partnership projects:

    • Tutoring students and/or creating a mentor program in which the organization helps students and/or a class.
    • Providing incentives for student achievement.
    • Providing incentives for student achievement.
    • Sponsoring field trips.
    • Inviting school personnel or students to host special events.
    • Offering students part-time employment that connects what’s learned in school with the working world.
    • Allowing students to enhance the business environment through artwork and performances.
    • Presenting career seminars for students and training for teachers.
    • Working with the PTA to establish parent education or cultural arts programs.
    • Designing instructional programs that teach students about a business.
    • Helping with campus beautification projects.

    Businesses also may want to provide financial resources for scholarships, supplies, special projects, or student/teacher incentives.

Why should I be a Partner in Education?

  • Involvement in a partnership is one way that businesses and other organizations can help make Gwinnett’s public school system the best it can be. The school system, through its partnerships, brings business people and community members into the schools to learn firsthand about education in Gwinnett. It’s the mutually beneficial nature of the Partners in Education program that contributes to its great success. The community and businesses enjoy a more productive and better-educated work force, which makes our community a more attractive place to live, work, and operate a business. Students and schools benefit educationally from the many human and financial resources that businesses and other organizations can provide.

How can I become involved?

  • Any business or organization interested in becoming a Partner in Education may contact GCPS’ Department of Communication and Media Relations, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, or a local school principal for more information. GCPS’ Communication and Media Relations staff can make recommendations to schools and businesses on finding a potential partner. One of the first steps in matching a business/organization with a school or school system department is to identify the needs of the school, program, or department, and what kind of partnership is feasible for the business/organization. The goal of Partners in Education is to make successful matches that benefit both the school and the business/organization.