Media Center Staff

Ms Bird
  • Who Is Mrs Bird?

    Mrs Bird taught art at Mountain View before becoming the media specialist 5 years ago. Mrs Bird loves to watch her daughters play soccer, enjoys baking, can't wait to get home and scratch her golden retriever Toby &  has piles of books on her bedside table. Need help with anything research related? Grab Mrs Bird. Need a recommendation for a good YA fiction title? Mrs Bird can help you out. Mrs Bird enjoys meeting the students and helping them in any way she can- stop by and say hello!

  • Who Is Mrs Anderson?

    Mrs Anderson has been the media clerk at Mountain View since the school opened 11 years ago. She loves to go with her husband to South Georgia and spend time with her 2 granddaughters. Mrs Anderson loves a good book and John Grisham is one of her favrite authors. Mrs Anderson is always willing to lend a helping hand to students.