• JUST READ...for goodness sake!

    **Love to read? Me too!! Check out the various reading-related links and book trailers below.  I am always looking for new sites and interesting places to visit.

    This list is a CONSTANT work in progress. *


    • Epicreads.com          Young adult books from A-Z including videos, book trailers, interviews & more. Check it out

    • bookbirds.com          A book-obsessed young lady and all her reviews. What is there not to love

    • bookriot.com            Check out the YA specific portion on this website. It's worth your time

    • readingrants.org       A must view for all book lovers. Divided into categories BOY MEETS BOOK, HISTORICAL FICTION FOR HIPSTERS, REALITY BITES & more...

    • bookbriefs.net          This site has been reviewing YA books since 2011--they know what they are doing. 

    • confessionsofaYAreader.wordpress.com      A solid YA book blog. 

    • theYAshelf.com        YA book reviews, fandom & geekery--Yeah BABY!

    • teenlitrocks.com      This site is run by all-female librarians who specialize in YA lit--GIRL POWER...no offense guys

    • fiercereads.com       Discover the best new YA books, access exclusive excerpts and giveaways, and connect with your favorite authors online. 

    • goodreads.com        Find and read more books you will love all while tracking the books you have read. Be part of the world's largest community of book lovers.