Media Center Info

  • Visiting the Media Center During the School Day

    • Students may visit the media center during regular school hours. 
    • Students must have a pass from their teacher & the pass must be from the teacher they have during the time of their visit.
    • Students without a pass will not be allowed in the media center unless they return to class and get the proper pass for entry. Pass must have date, time, teacher signature and student name(s) on the pass. 
    • Only 3 students per pass at a time.
    • Students must work on school-related assignments or activities when visiting the media center. 
    • No food or drink allowed in the Media Center
    • Students will show respect to fellow students, school staff and teachers while visiting the media center.
    • Any student not following these guidelines will be asked to return to class. 

  • Advisement & Lunch Passes

    • During advisement, students must have a pass from their advisement teacher to be in the media center.
    • Under no circumstances may a student eat their lunch in the media center. 
    • During a students' lunch, they do not require a pass from a teacher if they are coming directly to the media center; however, if a student goes to the cafeteria first, they must have a signed pass to the media center from their advisement teacher in order to leave the commons area. 
    • Students MUST sign in upon entering the media center. 
    • Once students enter the media center during advisement or lunch, they must remain in the media center for the remainder of their visit.
    • Students may not leave and come back to the media center during advisement or lunch slots. 
    • Media Center Lunch and advisement privileges can be revoked if any of the above guidelines are not followed. 

  • Printing in the Media Center

    • Printing of SCHOOL RELATED materials & assignments is allowed in the MVHS Media Center.
    • Students must pay to print when they print--no payment at a later date
    • CASH ONLY--no bills larger than $5.00 accepted.
    • Black ink printouts --- .10 cents a page
    • Color ink printouts ---  .25 cents a page
    • Double-sided printouts ARE NOT available on media center printers.
    • Unpaid printing fees will be added to the student's media center account, and no further printing will be allowed until account fees are resolved by the student.

  • Book Checkouts

    • Students are allowed to check out 3 books at a time for up to 3 weeks. 
    • Books are due by the date stamped on the back of the book.
    • Books not returned by stamped due date will result in fines to the student account. 
          • 10 cents per school day (will not exceed $3.00 per book)
          • $20.00 charge per lost book
          • Students may not check out books until all charges/fines are paid in full. 
          • Cash-only payment in the media center
          • Media Center does not accept bills over $5.00 for payment of fines
    • Be courteous, and return your books by the due date so others who may be waiting for the book will have a chance to check it out. 

  • Chromebooks

    Chromebooks are distributed from the MVHS Media Center. Please be aware of the following in regard to school issued Chromebooks

    1. Students receive both a Chromebook and a charger when initially issued their device.
    2. Students are responsible for their Chromebooks at all times.
    3. Students should not leave Chromebooks or chargers in classrooms. 
    4. Damage or lost Chromebooks or chargers need to be reported immediately to the media center. 
    5. Damages or lost items may result in charges on student accounts.
    6. Chromebook issues? Bring it back to the media center.