Media Center Info

  • Media Center Hours

    Monday - Friday 7:20am- 2:10pm

    **Note: Our hours are adjusted as a result of social distancing regulations. The Media Center staff will inform students once morning & after school hours return to normal. **

  • Visiting the Media Center During the School Day

    • Students may visit the media center during regular school hours (7:20am-2:10pm)
    • Students must have a pass from their teacher & the pass must be from the teacher they have during the time of their visit.
    • Students without a pass will not be allowed in the media center unless they return to class and get the proper pass for entry.
    • Only 2 students per pass at a time.
    • Students must be working on school related assignments or activities when visiting the media center.
    • No food or drink allowed in the Media Center
    • No games allowed on any school computer- students continuing to abuse this rule will be asked to sign out of the computer
    • Student will show respect to fellow students, school staff and teachers will visiting the media center
    • Any student not following these guidelines will be asked to return to class. 

  • Book Checkouts

    • Students are allowed to check out 5 books at a time for up to 4 weeks 
    • Books are due by the date stamped on the back of the book
    • Due to COVID 19 related issues, students must not touch the books. Mrs Anderson & Mrs Bird will assist any student needing to find and checkout books
    • Currently, no fines are being charged for overdue books
    • Be courteous, return your books by the due date so others who may be waiting for the book will have a chance to check it out. 

  • Printing in the Media Center

    • Printing of SCHOOL RELATED materials & assignments is allowed in the MVHS Media Center
    • Students must pay to print when they print--no payment at a later date
    • CASH ONLY--no bills larger than $5.00 accepted.
    • Black ink print outs --- .10 cents a page
    • Color ink printouts ---  .25 cants a page
    • Double sided printouts ARE NOT available on media center printers
    • Unpaid printing fees will be added to the students media center account and no further printing will be allowed until account fees are resolved by the student.

  • Lunch Passes

    Currently, there are no lunch passes to the media center. Media staff will inform students when lunch pass options return.