SAT/ACT/ASVAB and other Test Information

  • Most colleges and universities require SAT and ACT scores for admission.  There are some exceptions, so be sure to check the individual institution's website for more information.  NOTE - SAT or ACT scores are a requirement to receive the Zell Miller scholarship.

SAT Test Dates

ACT Test Dates

  • ASVAB Exam

    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitute Battery, or ASVAB, is an optional aptitude test offered to our students each year.  The test is designed to help students discover special skills and potential abilities. ASVAB test results will help students explore careers and plan for their future.

    Students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade have the opportunity to take the ASVAB at Grayson High School, along with many other testing locations.  The exam will be given at GHS in January each year.  More information including day, time, and sign-up for ASVAB at GHS will be released in December.

    Every student interested in the military has to take the ASVAB.  The exam is designed to help determine your strengths and discover what branch of the military that you're most likely to succeed in.  

    The test measures your knowledge in eight areas:

    • General Science - Life, earth, space and physical sciences
    • Arithmetic Reasoning - Ability to solve basic math and word problems
    • Word Knowledge - Ability to grasp the meaning of words through synonyms
    • Paragraph Comprehension - Ability to understand written material
    • Mathematics - Math concepts and applications
    • Electronics - Electrical current, circuits, devices and electronic systems
    • Auto and Shop - Car maintenance and repair, and wood and metal shop
    • Mechanical - Principles of mechanical devices, structural support, properties of materials

    Find More ASVAB Information Here

    Students are under no obligation to join the military by taking the ASVAB.

  • SAT/ACT Registration

    Grayson High School hosts the SAT for each test administration. Now you can test at your home school.  Sign up today!

    Online registration is the easiest and fastest way to register for the SAT or ACT.

    Grayson High School's Code is 111852.

    SAT Registration
    View upcoming test dates and to register for the SAT and/or SAT subject tests.

    ACT Registration
    View upcoming test dates and to register for the ACT.

  • SAT Fee Waivers

    SAT Test Fee Waivers can be given to students who are currently receiving free or reduced lunch at Grayson High School. You must renew your free or reduced lunch status each year. Students must be a Junior or Senior, as underclassmen do not qualify for test fee waivers.

    Who Qualifies for an SAT Test Fee Waivers?
    Juniors or Seniors who currently receive federal free or reduced lunch.

    What the Fee Waiver Covers:

    • Two (lifetime, not per year) test administrations.
    • College application fee waivers.
    • Unlimited score reports sent to colleges. You must send test scores to colleges through your College Board account in order for them to be official. GHS cannot send your scores.
    • Late registration fee.  Please note if you register late there may not be a seat available at the test site location of your choice. Register early.

    How do I receive a SAT Waiver:

    NOTE: once you have received your SAT waiver you will not need a second waiver. Just register for the test a second time and it will be free. In addition, your college application fee waivers will also be loaded onto your College Board account.

  • ACT Fee Waivers

    ACT test fee waivers are issued similarly to students in the same way an SAT Test Fee Waiver is issued. The qualifications are the same; however, you will need to request a second fee waiver if you wish to take the ACT exam twice.

    You will receive the waivers the same way as you receive the SAT Test Fee waivers.

  • Accuplacer

    Most technical schools and some four-year colleges will accept the Accuplacer Test (formerly called the Compass Test) in lieu of the SAT or ACT.

    Contact the college of your choice to determine if they will accept this test.  Technical schools and colleges who accept the Accuplacer test will give this test on their campus, so you will need to call for an appointment to take the test at their location.

    Accuplacer Practice

  • Test Preparation

    GAfutures Test Prep

    Khan Academy/CollegeBoard Official SAT Practice

  • Answer sheet with a pencil