• Five Forks Middle School

  • Five forks middle school building front
  • Address

    3250 River Drive; Lawrenceville, GA 30044

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  • Principals

    Years Principal
    1978–1981 Ivan Bagby
    1981–1884 Dr. Edith Belden
    1984–1989 Dr. Michael O’Neal
    1989–2000 Ron Pennington
    2000–2005 Nancy Martin
    2005–2012 Dr. Mary Hensien
    2012–2015 Peggy Goodman
    2015– Present Christine Douthart
  • Colors/Mascot

    School Colors:  Maroon and Gold
    School Mascot: Bronco

    Five Forks Middle School Logo

  • Building Plaque

    Board of EducationFive forks middle school plaque
    Louise Radloff - Chairman
    Ronald Chadwick - Vice Chairman 
    Carrie Gober
    Cecil Gober
    Matha Ashworth

    Superintendent: J. W. Benefield
    Architect: Jacober, Matthews & Parker Inc.
    Contractor: Collett & Castleberry
    Dedication Date: 1977


  •      Five Forks Middle School was named after its predecessor, the old Five Forks School, and the community of Five Forks in the 1800’s. Gwinnett County had an abundance of small unincorporated communities. At the focal point of one such area, five roads met. One road went northeast past a school, one west to Gloster, another east to Snellville, another north to Lawrenceville, and yet another south to Mountain Park. Since the school and community were centered around the meeting of these five points, they gradually became known to the local population as Five Forks. The Five Forks intersection existed for 100 years. With the opening of Brookwood High School in 1981, the northeast branch was closed and rerouted.

         Five Forks Middle School is located on the northeast fork now called River Drive. Its doors opened in January of 1979. Five Forks was built as a result of rapid growth in the western and central portions of Gwinnett County. Existing schools which provided students for the new attendance zone were Trickum, Sweetwater, and Snellville middle schools.

         Five Forks has operated at or above capacity most of its years. Mobile units were a common feature of the Five Forks landscape for many years. The opening of Shiloh Middle School in 1982, J.R. Richards Middle School in 1987, and Crews Middle School in 1997 helped to alleviate the crowded school.

         Five Forks Middle School has been recognized for academic excellence on several occasions. In 1983-84, 1987-88, and 1999-2000, Five Forks was a Gwinnett County School of Excellence and/or a Georgia School of Excellence. In 1988, Five Forks was recognized as a National School of Excellence.

         The Five Forks Middle School mascot, the Phantom, was selected in a student contest while the students were attending double session at Trickum Middle School. The students submitted original ideas for the name of the mascot, its appearance, and its colors. After much debate and discussion, the student body voted and selected the silver and black Phantom. In 1997, the Five Forks community adopted the mascot and colors of the Brookwood Cluster and these remain and are held dear to this day.

         In 2014, Five Forks Middle School earned the Five Star Climate Rating (one of 20 schools in Gwinnett County Public Schools) and a College and Career Readiness Performance Index of 95.2 from the Georgia Department of Education. The school maintained its fivestar rating in 2015. Five Forks Middle School continues to pursue and achieve excellence in all areas. Everyone at the school is focused on achieving its vision of “Highest levels of learning for all students in all classes to create rich, limitless opportunities for the future.”