• CARE Closet
    Community School


  • Peachtree Ridge Care Closet

    We are open until 6 PM Mondays through Thursdays.

    A box filled with canned goods and non perishable food items with the Care Closet logo on the flap of the box.

    Need a food box?

    Fill out the form or contact our office today.

    Plese click on the form below and and fill it out to arrange a time to stop by and shop through our pantry or pick up a food box.

    Care Closet Form 


    Contact our office:

    Phone: 678-512-6041

    Email: Sunshine.Her@gcpsk12.org




    Food Finder Logo with a fork on the left a map point in the middle and a dinner knife on the right hand side.

    Food Should Always Be Within Reach