• GCPS endeavors to notify parents in a timely manner relative to any schoolwide or districtwide emergencies or campus safety concerns. While letters may be sent home to parents affected by the occurrence, when circumstances require a more immediate notification, this information, as it becomes available, will be posted on the GCPS website (www.gcpsk12.org), Facebook page, and Twitter account (@GwinnettSchools). In addition, the district and local schools will communicate to families using phone numbers and email addresses provided by the parent/guardian. This contact information is used by GCPS to send emergency notifications such as school closings and safety alerts by phone, text, and/or email, via SchoolMessenger. General/non-emergency notifications will be sent by email using SchoolMessenger (Español  - 中文   -  한국어  -  Tiếng Việt).

    Parents should verify the accuracy of their contact information at the beginning of each school year or they can update this information in the Parent Portal. In addition, if changes to contact information occur during the school year, parents should contact the school office to let staff know of those changes, or update via the Portal. This will improve communication throughout the year and ensure that your family will receive messages sent through SchoolMessenger.

    In addition to verifying that your cell phone number is accurate in the system, you also will need to subscribe to the text message service if you wish to receive emergency texts from the school system. You can do so by texting the word “SUBSCRIBE” to the number 67587. You will receive an immediate response by text. If you do not, please contact your wireless provider, as some providers do not accept texts that use short code (SMS) messages. (Note: If you subscribed to receive text messages last year, there is no need to resub­scribe unless your number changed.)

    SchoolMessenger messages from Gwinnett County Public Schools will come from the number 1-844-248-6644. Please add this phone number to your contacts so you can easily identify the call as coming from Gwinnett County Public Schools. If you miss a phone message, you can call this number to retrieve and replay phone notifications.

    Please note that an individual can opt out of receiving SchoolMessenger messages at any time. Press “5” on your phone while listening to a phone message broadcast through SchoolMessenger to initiate the opt-out process. Parents also can go to go.schoolmessenger.com, log in with the email address they provided to the school, and select “Prefer­ences” to make changes regarding the various types of messages that may be sent.

  • What contact information is used?

    The following parent and guardian contact information is used: home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, and alternate phone numbers provided during registration. Each evening, contact information changes are uploaded to the SchoolMessenger system from Gwinnett County Public Schools’ student information system. 

  • How do I update my contact information?

    To update your home or cell phone numbers for SchoolMessenger, click “My Account” in the ParentVUE tile of the Parent Portal. Once the information has been updated in our student information system, it takes one school day for the information to update in SchoolMessenger. Please contact your school if you need to update or change your email address.

  • Can I select the types of messages I want to receive?

    Yes, you can set your notification preferences using the SchoolMessenger website or mobile app. SchoolMessenger allows you to set your notification preferences and review messages that you have received in the past 30 days. Refer to the next section for information on this.

  • How do I access SchoolMessenger?

    Access is free and easy! GCPS parents and guardians can access SchoolMessenger through their Parent Portal account. The link is found under the Notification System tile. A parent can also use the app or visit the SchoolMessenger website at go.schoolmessenger.com. Create an account by clicking Sign Up at the top right. IMPORTANT: You must use the email address you provided to your child’s school. 

  • What can I do in the SchoolMessenger App?

    The SchoolMessenger app allows you to review recent messages sent by the district or your student’s school, manage your contact preferences, and set your mobile devices to display when new communications arrive. Use any internet-enabled device to download the SchoolMessenger app, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • I am not receiving phone calls. Who should I contact?

    Contact your child’s school to make sure your contact  information is up to date, or verify your phone number in “My Account” on the ParentVUE tile of the Parent Portal.

  • Can I retrieve a missed voicemail if I deleted it?

    Using the SchoolMessenger app/website, you can access messages from the past 30 days. You also can call the number for calls originating from GCPS (1-844-248-6644) and follow the prompts to retrieve messages.

  • How do I subscribe to receive emails?

    Email messages are automatically sent to the parent or guardian email addresses associated with each student in the student information system. Please contact your school if you need to update or change your email address.

  • I am receiving emails for my student, but no longer want to be notified this way. How can I change this?

    Visit the SchoolMessenger app/website via the Parent Portal or go to go.schoolmessenger.com to update your contact preferences.

  • I have a new email address. How do I update this contact information to ensure I get messages?

    First, contact your student’s school to update your information. Once your information is updated in the student information system, visit the SchoolMessenger app/website at go.schoolmessenger.com to create a new account and to set your contact preferences again. These changes will be updated the following day.

  • I just registered my child and received a text message that says it’s from SchoolMessenger? What does it mean?

    An opt-in invitation message was sent by GCPS using SchoolMessenger from 67587 and said:

    Gwinnett County Public Schools messages.

    Reply Y 2 confirm, HELP 4 info. Msg&data rates may apply.

    Msg freq varies. schoolmessenger.com/tm.

  • My cell number changed. Do I have to opt in again?

    Yes. Contact your student’s school to remove the old number and update your information, or update your phone number in “My Account” in the ParentVUE tile of the Parent Portal. Once the new number is updated in the student information system, you will receive the message above if the number has not “opted in” previously. Or, the day after you update your information with the school, you can text YES to 67587 to opt in using your new phone number. (The number must be in the student information system and associated with your student in order to opt in for texts via SchoolMessenger.)

  • Will I be charged for the text messages that I receive from SchoolMessenger?

    SchoolMessenger does not charge recipients for the text messages they receive. However, wireless providers may charge for individual text messages depending on the plan associated with the wireless device.

  • How can I opt out of receiving text messages?

    Text STOP to 67587. The system will respond with the following message:

    You’re unsubscribed from SchoolMessenger.

    No more msgs will be sent. Reply Y to re-subscribe, HELP for help.

    Msg&data rates may apply. schoolmessenger.com/txt