Core Courses

  • This page contains information related to core class offering (language arts, math, science, and social studies) for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. Please select an option below to view more information.

  • Language Arts Courses - Grades 10 - 12

    General Welcome from Allen Murphy, Language Arts Dept. Chair:

    Sophomore Language Arts - World Literature and Composition:

    Sophomore Language Arts Levels:

    • 10th Grade College Prep (CP) Language Arts 
    • 10th Grade Honors Language Arts
    • 10th Grade Gifted Language Arts

    Junior Language Arts - American Literature and Composition:

    Junior Language Arts Levels:

    • 11th Grade College Prep (CP) Language Arts 
    • 11th Grade Honors Language Arts
    • 11th Grade Gifted Language Arts
    • AP Seminar (with 11th grade LA credit) - Application Required


    Senior Language Arts 
    Students have four options to meet their senior level LA class requirement: 
    - British Literature and Composition (College Prep, Honors, Gifted) 
    - Critical Literacy (new in 2020-2021!) (College Prep, Honors, Gifted) 
    - AP Language or AP Literature (See AP Course Info Page for more information) 

    British Literature and Composition / Critical Literacy:

  • Math Core Courses - Grades 10 - 12

    Math Core Course Overview - Grades 10 - 12:

  • Science Core Courses - Grades 10 - 12

    10th Grade Science - Chemistry:

    Chemistry Instructional Levels:

    • College Prep (CP) Chemistry
    • Honors Chemistry 
    • Gifted Chemistry 

    11th Grade Science - Physics:

    Physics Instructional Levels:

    • College Prep (CP) Physics
    • Honors Physics
    • Advanced Placement (AP) Physics I (See AP Course Info Page for more information) 

    12th Grade Science - 4th Year Science:

    Visit the Elective Courses Page and AP Course Info to view some of the options to meet your 4th year science requirement. 


  • Social Studies Core Courses - Grades 10 - 12

    10th Grade Social Studies - World History:

    World History Instructional Levels:

    • College Prep (CP) World History
    • Honors World History 
    • Advanced Placement (AP) World History

    11th grade Social Studies - US History:


    United States History Instructional Levels:

    • College Prep (CP) United States History
    • Honors United States History
    • Advanced Placement (AP) United States History


    12th Grade Social Studies - Government and Economics: 

    Government Instructional Levels:

    • College Prep (CP) Government (one semester course)
    • Honors Government (one semester course) 
    • Advanced Placement (AP) American Government (one semester course) 

    Economics Instructional Levels: 

    • College Prep (CP) Economics (one semester course) 
    • Honors Economics (one semester course) 
    • Advanced Placement (AP) Microeconomics and/or Advanced Placement (AP) Marcoeconomics (one semester courses) 


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