Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

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Frequently Asked Questions about AP Courses:

  • What is an AP course?

    An AP course is comparable to a course taught at any college or university.  AP courses are much more rigorous than high school college prep courses.  In all AP courses, students learn how to think critically and write clearly.

    Committee members, sponsored by the College Board, put together a set of topics and objectives for each AP course.  Our AP teachers use these topics and objectives as a guideline for their curriculum.  The AP exams which are administered during the first weeks of May are comprised of problems from these objectives.  If a student passes an AP exam, then he/she may receive college credit.

    In order to be permitted to use College Board's AP designation, all Parkview AP teachers have submitted syllabi for their courses, which have been approved by College Board

  • Should you take an AP course?

    AP courses are more demanding than other college preparatory courses taught in high school.  They move rapidly and cover a great deal of material.  If you are a strong student in a particular subject area, then you will probably do well.  Your current teacher can advise you.
    Since AP courses are more demanding than other college-prep courses, AP students receive 10 points added to their average (in each AP course) at the end of each semester to balance any grade discrepancy.  (Note:  The 10 points is not used in calculating GPA for Hope Scholarship eligibility.  See your counselor for details on how your GPA is calculated for Hope.)  Students who excel may have higher than a 100 average in the class.

    Colleges look favorably on students who succeed in AP courses.  The presence of AP courses in a student's transcript indicates that a student took the most rigorous courses available.

  • How do I register for AP Exams?

    Students are not automatically registered for AP exams. Visit Parkview's AP exam registration page for more information. 

  • Will my college accept AP credit?

    Please use the College Board Credit Search to search the colleges/universities that you are interested in attending to see if the AP course you are taking or would like to take will be accepted at that college/university.

AP Courses Offered at Parkview

AP Capstone Program (AP Seminar and AP Research)

  • The AP Capstone Diploma Program is a two-year program based on two AP courses, AP Seminar and AP Research. Students who fulfill the requirements can earn academic awards recognized by colleges around the world. This program is very challenging and should only be considered by students who have already taken several AP courses and earned passing AP scores in those courses. Students in AP Capstone must commit to a two year program:

    10h grade: AP Seminar (includes 10th grade LA credit)
    11th or 12th grade: AP Research (LA elective)

    Open the AP Capstone video in a new window.

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AP World Languages and Cultures